On October 22, 2015 Micah Zavacky organized a collaborative print project with Associate Professor Melissa Oresky (Illinois State University) which reached completion on May 3, 2017. Micah was the Lead Printer for this project and all printing occurred at Normal Editions Workshop (NEW), Illinois State University, Normal, IL. In collaboration with the NEW team, Melissa Oresky created 21 unique works along with an editioned, three-color lithograph entitled, Foliate. The unique works were made with a variety of monotype techniques, collage, and hand-coloring. The editioned print, Foliate , will be included in a faculty portfolio that represents current faculty members in the School of Art (Illinois State University). 

The NEW team for this project includes the following printers: Micah Zavacky (Lead Printer), Veda Rives, Morgan Price, Sarah Smelser, Felicia Cannon, Heather Long, Demetri Fisher, Michael Blake, Molly Markow, and Dylan Welch.